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My research program focuses on value creation and capture in the face of environmental changes in the healthcare industry.

My academic papers build on my Ph.D. dissertation which explored how firms reconfigure their alliance portfolios following the discontinuity of combinatorial discontinuity. This study was supported by the Strategic Management Society’s (SMS) Strategy Research Foundation (SRF) Dissertation Scholarship. In 2015, I was named a finalist of the Best Dissertation Award by the Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) Division of the Academy of Management (AOM) in Vancouver, BC. In 2017 and 2018, I received Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research.

I have published in mainstream strategy journals and have various papers at different publication stages.

I am also the associate director of the Global Healthcare Innovation Management Center (GHIMC), which is based in the Strategy and Statistics Area of the Gabelli School.

About my work and life in NYC:

Navid Asgari_edited.jpg



  • Technological and Institutional Change

  • Alliances

  • Value Chain Integration

  • Organizational Design

  • Strategy

  • Evolution of the Biopharmaceutical Industry

  • Strategy for Biopharmaceutical Firms

  • Innovation and Economic Development in Asia 

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