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I teach undergraduate, graduate and executive courses on corporate strategy. Further, I have been designing special topics in the areas of technology management in the biopharmaceutical industry and innovation/institutional economics, particularly in the context of the emerging markets.

My latest self-designed course is titled "Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Development" which helps students understand how entrepreneurs translate scientific discoveries into viable technologies that, in turn, contribute to economic development. The course tries to help students understand the role of the institutional environment and government policies in creating a conducive environment for innovation and economic development. This course will take place in the two bustling cities of New York and Singapore.

I will offer a course titled "Machine Learning for Strategic Decision Making" in January 2020. The course aims to familiarize managers with the use of supervised and unsupervised learning for decision making. We will use Python’s machine learning libraries such as Scikit-learn.

For pharma and healthcare courses offered at the Global Healthcare Innovation Management Center, please visit the center's website. 

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